BUTCHERy offerings

  • 16 oz STEAK ROULADE $35/ea.

  • 16 oz. EYE OF THE RIB $55/ea.

  • 24 oz. BUTCHER’S LOVE $125/ea.

  • 7 oz. PETITE FILET $25/ea.

  • 14 oz. BARREL FILET $50/ea.

  • 20 oz. PERFECT RIBEYE $70/ea.

  • 32 oz. RIBEYE $68/ea.

  • 23 oz. NEW YORK $52/ea.

  • 48 oz. TOMAHAWK $89/ea.

  • housemade SAUSAGE $3/ea.

  • 1/2” thick-cut BACON $3/ea.

  • ARC BURGER KIT (choose ARC Burger or Shelby Chicken Patty) $12/kit comes with bun, lettuce, tomato, shaved onion, aioli & mustard

    don’t see something you usually get? call us! we can butcher most standard cuts (949) 877-0190

oh so sexy, oh so smooth… Everything we butcher follows this mantra. Our style of butchery follows the natural muscle lines, or European Seam Cut Butchery, dating back to pre-band saw times. We have a no bones left behind approach, everything we butcher is deboned, perfectly trimmed and hand trussed. Take home one of the super sexy cuts and show off your own skills with the grill!